Can the breather be used in smoking population?

Can the breather be used in smoking population?

There are no particular contraindications for smokers to use the Breather. This doesn’t exclude contraindications for medical conditions that may be present along with the smoking habit. Those are outlined in our contraindication statement:


During initial training, we recommend careful monitoring for episodes of acute exacerbation or excessive fatigue.Caution is advised before initiation of therapy for: active hemoptysis, untreated pneumothorax, recent esopha-geal surgery, acute upper airway stenosis (true vocal fold mass, vocal fold paralysis in adducted position, sub-glottic stenosis), recent oral, facial or skull trauma / surgery, acute sinusitis, epistaxis, hemodynamic instability, tympanic membrane rupture or acute middle ear pathology (otitis, labyrinthitis)

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