That is a great question and the answer is, Yes, it can!
They are mechanically the same device and provide the same levels of resistance. The only thing that differentiates them is the resources we offer for each of them (videos, training plans, etc..), but you can access all of the resources easily, either on our webpage or on our BREATHER COACH App. If you are a BREATHER COACH App user, you can change the device you use to train on the "My Info" tab. Simply go there, choose a new device (fit or voice), and start a new training program!

If you go to our product pages on our site, you will find dedicated resources for each device.
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    • What are the differences between the Original Breather (Blue or Pink), Breather Fit and Breather Voice?

      The Breather(Blue and Pink) is lower in resistance. Breather Fit and Breather Voice are higher in resistance. Breather Fit and Voice are the same levels of resistance, just separated from the different resources provided on our website for each user. ...
    • Would you recommend The Breather to be used with IOPI? Or use one before the other?

      Yes, it is best used with IOPI. For IOPI measures tongue and lip pressures, which may improve in tandem with respiratory muscles strengthening when RMT is carried out. However, Respiratory Muscle Training can only establish direct impact on ...
    • Can the breather be used in smoking population?

      There are no particular contraindications for smokers to use the Breather. This doesn’t exclude contraindications for medical conditions that may be present along with the smoking habit. Those are outlined in our contraindication statement: ...
    • How can Breather Voice expand or support voice range?

      Range expansion is an indirect result of Respiratory Muscle Training. As the respiratory muscles are strengthened (and subsequently become more coordinated), this allows for the vocalist to explore upper and lower registers more freely through ...
    • When to replace the Breather?

      As with any regularly used product, proper care of THE BREATHER will help to preserve its performance for a long time. We’ve known patients to have used their Breather for over 2 years. Also, please note “How do I clean the Breather?” in our FAQs.