Can The Breather help in congestion ?

Can The Breather help in congestion ?

The Breather is designed to assist with Respiratory Muscle Training, which is proven to assist with airway clearance.
It also improves cough capacity, which is often beneficial for those dealing with significant congestion. If you would like to speak one on one with one of PN Medical's clinicians for more detailed / customized advice, please call us 877-414-4449.
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      There is evidence to show that a particular breathing regimen can be used to decrease anxiety, panic and stress. RMT serves as a practice to support breathing exercises and help create a strong foundation in your breathing regimen. Please see the ...
    • I have problems with my speech and/or swallowing. Can the Breather help me?

      Yes. Respiratory muscle training (RMT), the expiratory muscles in particular has been shown to improve swallowing and cough, helping people with dysphagia. EMST has been shown to activate the movement of the hyolaryngeal complex, and this improved ...
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      Studies using the Breather in people with voice disorders have shown that RMT helps improve vocal intensity, breathiness, strain, pitch range, and semitone range, as well as breath support for voice ( Based on these ...
    • I have severe pulmonary emphysema and am on oxygen 24/7, could this help me?

      The Breather may be beneficial as it can help to optimize oxygen uptake. Some patients with emphysema have reported reduced use of oxygen after use of the Breather.
    • How can I help a patient with poor lip seal use the Breather?

      Using the smaller adaptor that comes in the Breather packaging as a smaller mouthpiece, which the user was able to better achieve a seal around until these muscles strengthened & they could move up to the standard mouthpiece (or continue with the ...