Do insurances cover the cost of The Breather?

Do insurances cover the cost of The Breather?

At this time most insurances do not cover the cost of THE BREATHER device, but Respiratory Muscle Training may be covered as a component of skilled services, such as RT, ST, OT or PT. Individuals who experience shortness of breath with everyday activities; difficulty swallowing; difficulty speaking; or present with various respiratory, neurological or traumatic conditions have been prescribed treatment by speech, physical, occupational and respiratory therapists to improve function including RMT.

Physicians and other healthcare providers can also provide RMT. Typically these therapies are covered by Medicare and other insurances. Some people have been able to submit their receipts for 
THE BREATHER to their healthcare or flexible spending accounts for reimbursement. That may vary from plan to plan but we encourage you to contact your plan administrator if you have one of these accounts. At $49.95, the cost of THE BREATHER is similar to that of a co-pay of many prescribed medications but will last significantly longer (recommend replacing the Breather after 2 years of use) resulting in a cost-effective treatment option were deemed clinically appropriate. Additionally, THE BREATHER is a non-pharmacological (drug-free), low-cost intervention to strengthen the muscles of respiration with a vast amount of free companion resources online in the way of training and downloadable information, tracking logs, how to clean, and more!
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    • How much does the shipping cost?

      When shipping to an address in the US, we will cover the cost. For costs outside the US, please, enter your address in the ordering link It will calculate the cost automatically.
    • What is the warranty?

      The Breather, Breather Voice, and Breather Fit are covered by a warranty against manufacturing defects for one year from the date of purchase. Please note the warranty applies only to products that were purchased from PN Medical or a PN ...