How often should I use the Breather to start feeling the improvement?

How often should I use the Breather to start feeling the improvement?

Try to train on a daily basis, as it may take up to 2 – 4 weeks to feel results.
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    • How long do you use the Breather?

      The Breather will be beneficial for your breathing, exercising, blood pressure, sleep and circulation as long as you keep using it. Once you have built it into your daily routine it will not feel like exercise, but more like a relaxation session. ...
    • How soon can I start seeing results?

      We recommend using the Breather for 4 weeks regularly to see results. However, depending on the baseline performance, you may see measurable results as soon as 1 week after starting respiratory muscle training with the Breather.
    • Can I use the Breather reclining or lying down?

      You can, however, reclined or semi-reclined positions are known to impair respiratory muscle function. This is why we recommend sitting upright in order to practice proper diaphragmatic breathing during training. If you’re having trouble maintaining ...
    • What is THE BREATHER Protocol?

      Please have a look at our website for specific use case protocols. Our standard training protocol recommends 2 to 3 sets of 10 breaths twice a day at around 70% of maximum effort. However, clinical judgment should be used to tailor the protocol to ...
    • Will the Breather improve my exercise capacity and performance?

      Yes, studies have shown that regular respiratory muscle training (RMT), such as using the Breather, will improve your exercise capacity and performance, whether you have respiratory problems which limit your level of activity, or whether you’re a ...