Will the Breather help my panic attacks?

Will the Breather help my panic attacks?

There is evidence to show that a particular breathing regimen can be used to decrease anxiety, panic and stress. RMT serves as a practice to support breathing exercises and help create a strong foundation in your breathing regimen.
Please see the attached video for the recommended breath technique, to help reduce stress, panic and anxiety. https://www.pnmedical.com/situational-breathing-strategies/Since anxiety can lead to shallow, upper chest breathing and in some cases, full-blown panic attacks, regular use of the Breather will assist you in learning diaphragmatic breathing.

When you suddenly realize you’re upper chest breathing at an exceptionally fast rate and can’t seem to slow down, you may find inhaling and exhaling through the Breather especially helpful, even relaxing. Please read ''Why is Superficial Breathing So Harmful?' found in the FAQs.

Daily practice in any breathing awareness program has been used by thousands who suffer from panic attacks.
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